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UST Removal

Apex Envirotech specializes in UST removal for leaking or old storage tanks.Underground storage tanks (UST) over time can fail to fully contain their contents allowing the material inside the tank to leak out and contaminate the surrounding soil and groundwater. Sometimes the problem is discovered in a relatively short amount of time leading to a small amount of contamination. In other instances, tanks are allowed to leak their contents over long periods of time, sometimes years, leading to deep and widespread soil and/or groundwater contamination. Leaks in USTs are predominantly found in older steel tanks that have been in the ground for a number of years. The integrity of the steel becomes compromised because of corrosion and rust. Other times tanks get inadvertently punctured by a measuring rod that is repeatedly dropped in the same place on the inside surface of a tank. In either instance an action plan for UST removal and soil and/or groundwater remediation needs to be developed and carried out.

In reality, not all USTs that are removed leak. Many times UST removals are done due to outdated technology. They lack the double walls and leak detection systems that are now standard for all new UST installations. Laws are currently in place that mandate UST operators to upgrade or replace outdated USTs with best available technology. Whenever a UST is pulled from the ground though, tests need to be done to the underlying material to be sure that a contamination problem does not get left behind.

Many times USTs get discovered through the environmental due diligence process. During the course of a phase I ESA, it is discovered that a property was previously used as a gas station, for instance, and with further investigation no record of any USTs getting removed from the site is found. Or, there is documentation of UST removal however no record of soil investigation or closure report stating the underlying soil had been tested and passed after the UST had been removed. This case would generally trigger a phase II ESA if the property was going to be purchased with a lender. If the responsible party (RP) cannot be determined or no longer exists, in the case an abandoned UST or a persistent contamination plume remaining onsite, there are sources of funding from local and state agencies to assist new and current property owners with the cleanup. UST fund and LUST fund are common sources of financial assistance, up to $1.5 million per site.

Apex environmental professionals have the expertise and personnel to assist RPs and innocent buyers and can manage all facets of UST removal work. Apex is very knowledgeable of the UST and LUST funds and will submit applications and make every effort to determine if your UST site and associated cleanup work is eligible for reimbursement. Let Apex and its environmental professionals be your advocate and source for removing your UST correctly and efficiently.