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Environmental Management Programs

Apex Envirotech can design and implement a complete Environmental Management Program (EMP) to fit your business needs.Apex can design and implement a comprehensive Environmental Management Program (EMP) which efficiently manages environmental affairs at regulated facilities. EMPs are utilized to protect property investment firms, property management companies, financial institutions, and private owners from regulatory actions. The EMP provides a review of site information and determines what local, state, and/or federal regulations are required at a particular facility. It may also include the specific management of issues such as on-site contamination, asbestos, and lead-based paint. The EMP also aids property owners in preparing for regulatory inspections and avoids enforcement actions, fines, or violations. An EMP can also be integrated with any site investigation and cleanup to ensure all required sampling is current and that the State UST Cleanup Fund guidelines are followed.

Apex EMPs provide the following benefits:

  • Provides scheduling services for inspections, monitoring, and testing
  • Training and Hazard Communication Standard requirements for employees and managers (29CFR, 1910)
  • Monitors site conditions and provides annual updates to limit environmental risk
  • Limits environmental hazards associated with improvements, remodeling, or maintenance
  • Emergency Response Program/Site Safety Program requirements
  • Business Plan/Hazardous Materials Management Plan requirements
  • Comprehensive permit management