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Drycleaning Environmental Response Trust (DERT)

What is the DERT Fund?

The DERT Fund was established to provide monies for the investigation, assessment and remediation of chlorinated solvent releases from dry cleaning facilities. Senate Bill 577 established the DERT Fund and RSMo 260.920 authorized the DERT Fund. Any dry cleaning facilities, even coin operated dry cleaners, are subject to comply to the requirements of this statute. The owners or operators of an active dry cleaning facility must register with the department and each facility is required to pay a yearly surcharge dependent upon the number of gallons of chlorinated solvents used during the calendar year.

Expenditures from the fund are used to:

  • Reimburse participants for the costs of addressing releases of chlorinated solvents from dry cleaning facilities. Participants are liable for the first $25,000 of eligible cleanup related costs as a deductible.
  • Administer the program by collecting the surcharges and guiding and assisting the cleanup activities.

10 CSR 25-17.140 allocates DERT Fund monies to prioritized sites in the following proportions: high priority sites: 60 percent; medium priority sites: 30 percent; low priority sites: 10 percent. In any fiscal year, if the funding allocation in any priority category is not used, those funds may be reallocated to other priority categories, starting with any high priority sites and followed by medium and then low priority sites.

Sites applying to the program must submit the results of one soil, groundwater or surface water sample that exhibits contamination of dry cleaner solvent that is in excess of the Department cleanup levels. The initial assessment will allow the Department to determine the eligibility of the site in the fund. Some sites will provide enough information during the application process to receive a ranking score. Other sites will require additional information before a ranking score can be determined.

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